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This is great. Thank you. I read the info on the link you provided, but I think your primer was much more thorough than that site. You must be a Mary Worth expert.

See you around The Burgh!

p.s. Your kids are adorable.


I started reading Mary Worth, Judge Parker, Rex Morgan, Spidey and others in the Cleveland Plain Dealer in the mid 60's. I now read Mary online at the washingtonpost site as the Seattle papers don't carry many serials. Tant pis, because what they do carry for the most part, sucks.

But Mary has really gotten my goat of late. She is a classic enabler of this drunken sot of a woman. I was so delighted when Ian put it to her, in probably way to un p-c terms, that she should just let it go. I mean, this woman is a loser who will not turn it around until she hits rock bottom and even then it would be iffy.

But, I will bet you dollars to donuts there will be a handy deus ex machina ending and all will be back to happy land in Santa Royale.

btw did you ever see the Mad Magazine parody of Mary Worth, where she had gas and in almost every panel there was a small 'poot' strategically placed?


Hi! In re: "the Bum Boat -- which, inexplicably, is the name of their favorite restaurant". I'm not sure on what level you meant that comment. Do you mean "what's a bum boat?" or "why give that name to a restaurant?" If the former, then be advised that a bum boat is "a boat that brings provisions and commodities for sale to larger ships in port or offshore" (def. from my on-line Merriam Webster). I first came across it in Gilbert and Sullivan's HMS Pinafore, in which Buttercup is "a bum boat woman". So now you know! (If you didn't before :-)


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